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Gymnastics is an amazing sport that combines diverse physical experiences and opportunities in a challenging and fun environment. Gymnastics provides developmental opportunities through physical, cognitive, and behavioral experiences on the floor, bars, beam, and vault. Gymnastics helps children develop strength, coordination, balance, power, and flexibility. Taught by early childhood experts with experience and training in gymnastics and active learning, Sweet Peas classes expertly blend brain development objectives with joyful and energetic gymnastics based active learning. Our classes have great ratios! One teacher is present per every 6 children in 3, and 4/5 peas. One teacher is present per every 8 children in 6 and up classes!




Wee Peas (6 – 12 months)


Carefully designed for babies learning to sit and crawl, Wee Peas provides our littlest scooters with active learning activities that focus on whole baby development. Wee Peas are given opportunities to move, reach, and grasp in a baby safe environment that is rich with color, sound, and tactile experiences. Wee Peas learn to recognize their name in class and react in identifying themselves to the teacher. Wee Peas enjoy activities that promote visual tracking, core strength, and balance needed for sitting and standing. The Wee Pea curriculum includes activities that promote grip strength and hand coordination in grasping objects and releasing. Objectives include activities that promote crossing the mid-line and bilateral awareness needed or crawling and walking. Wee Peas work on spatial awareness and positional comfort through gentle developmentally appropriate rolling and inversion exercises. Wee Peas also enjoy some of their first experiences in playing and learning with other babies and gain cornerstone lessons in social awareness through interacting with their Wee Pea friends! Wee Peas are in the golden first 12 months of life. There are amazing neural miracles taking place in this precious first year! Parent participation is required!




One and Two Peas (1and 2 year olds)

One and Two Peas are ready to move! With their newly developing upright mobility (and sometimes a mix of both eagerness and hesitation), these Peas love to explore! One and Two Peas are beginning to understand words and ideas. The active learning goals of these Peas is to promote neural development in the amazing one-year old brain. The one and two Pea curriculum is designed to provide enriching activities in a safe and fun environment. One and two Peas learn self-awareness and physical adaptation through developmentally appropriate gymnastics activities such as stepping, rolling, balancing, sliding, and swinging. One and Two Peas learn baby rhythm and sequencing through physical activities coordinated with music and prompts. These Peas learn to clap, step, count, stop and start, and repeat. Creatures of repetition, One and two peas Peas begin to recognize and anticipate routines in the One and Two Pea lesson plans. They are beginning to remember what they have learned and they are excited to participate. Parent participation is required!



Three Peas (3 year olds)


Three-year olds are ready to go! Three Peas are gaining increased motor development, eye hand coordination and fine motor skills! Three Peas are also quickly assimilating language and are able to understand and independently follow basic instructions in gymnastics class. The Three Pea curriculum is designed to provide skill development on floor, beam, bars, and vault. Three Peas work on forward rolls, straddle rolls, and Three Pea cartwheels. They increase their balance with beam work that includes alternating forward kicks, squat holds, and beam crawls. Three Peas develop core strength by learning to draw to a tuck from a straight hang on the bars and execute forward rolls over the bar. Their vault skills include punching the board with both feet, a squat on to a block, and donkey kicks. Three Peas are introduced to instructions that incorporate spatial, sequential, and directional cues. They are continuing to develop an understanding of differences in color, shape, size, and color. The developing independence of Three Peas helps them participate in structured circuit sequences as they prepare for more independent activities in the Three Pea program.






Four and Five Peas (4 and 5 year olds)


Four and Five Peas are ready to test their skills! At this age, these peas have reached physical and developmental milestones that allow them to progress rapidly. With longer limbs, more refined coordination, and stronger language skills, Four and Five Peas can run faster, climb higher, and hold longer! These Peas are refining their technique with focus on form and lines. The Four and Five Pea curriculum includes bridges, handstands, L- handstands, and stronger executions of rolls. The Five Pea cartwheel demonstrates proper sequencing and a more refined lunge finish. Four and Five Peas can hold their relevés and arabesques on beam and are developing the core strength needed to hold tucks, straddles, and pikes on the bars. Four and Five Peas are mastering the vault runway with sequenced runs. They are punching the board with two feet and their vaults now include stretch jumps, squats onto the block, and forward rolls. Oh, to be this age! What an important two years this is! The Four and Five Pea curriculum capitalizes on the amazing, compounding cognitive and social development of the Four and Five Pea. Our educational gymnastics curriculum incorporates gymnastics terms, independent counting, group presentation, and recognition of the alphabet, interpretation of music, recognition of timing and counts in music, and increased awareness of spatial relationships.


Six Peas (6 year olds)

Six Peas want to do it all! Six-year olds have the physical, cognitive, and developmental abilities to do great things! They can gallop, skip, move to counts, and run backwards. They can climb just about anything you don’t want them to climb and they can jump from the table to the couch with hardly a blink. Most six-year olds understand about 5,000 words and are at various stages of learning to read. Six Peas are capable of listening and understanding more detailed instructions and are generally eager to please. We love working with Six Peas! Six Peas are working on cartwheels, handstands, and straight-legged tables – all with increasing form and technique. Six Peas are gaining more advanced abilities with floor sequences that combine rolls, jumps, lunges, turns, and finishes. The Six Pea curriculum also includes the added learning challenge of properly counting and executing skills to music beats and claps. Six Peas’ developing balance and strength enables them to work on a jump to front support on the beam, 3 second V-sit hold on beam, lever to a T position, and more. Six Peas train on windows on bars as well as L-hang and flexed arm hangs with a 5 second hold. Bars are becoming even more fun as Six Peas are able to work on window pikes and straddles, casts from front supports, forward rolls to flexed arm hangs, pullovers, and back hip circles. The Six Peas’ vault curriculum includes focus on hollow body shaping, handstands, tucks, and straddles.

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